So here’s to an ideal.

The idea came to us a while ago, a year lived abroad before we were too tied down by kids and a house.

A year to take a risk, to sell everything we didn’t really need (i.e. pretty much everything) and to chuck ourselves in the deep end. A year of adventure…for pure adventure.

While we have lots of people who influence us there was a particular conversation with an amazing couple on a starry night in a game reserve in South Africa that sparked off this idea;

Solange & Julian, family friends of Jenny’s family that I met in October last year immigrated to South Africa from Belgium in the 60’s, oblivious of any turmoil and unrest (they had no idea they were walking straight in to the middle of the apartheid!). It seemed like such a crazy move at that time so we asked them; “Why did you move to South Africa?” and their simple answer has stuck with us both ever since;

“For Pure Adventure”

We love that. It’s such a stark contrast to our world that yells at us in our 20’s that we’re supposed to make mature, financially sound decisions from day 1 just to keep up with the pack. Yet here we had a couple now in the 70’s that had taken a risk and forged their own way in a completely foreign country without degrees or a particular plan in mind. We couldn’t ask for better inspiration to start us dreaming about our own adventures.  We also want to take the road less travelled and form our own conclusions. Therefore this blog is dedicated to our Belgian friends living in South Africa with more zest for life than a lemon.

So here is to an ideal.

Here is to a beginning.

Let the adventure begin (In 3 months, 3 weeks, 5 days, 7 hours)

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