23 hours, 54 mins till departure (the art of distracting ones self)

Wow its getting close!

People keep asking what it feels like & whether it has all sunken in yet.

The answer is I’m not actually sure & no.

The problem is we distract ourselves; which we do in the following ways.

1) Our to-do list.

Our short term goals keep our minds busy. This past week has been filled with:

-Calling companies to change our address, putting insurances on hold, trying to sell our car, washing clothes, contacting any potential contacts we know, packing our bags, ticking off our local bucket list items & just today we had to sort out a will of all things (we hadn’t really thought of putting together a will until this point, but a lot of our friends (& parents) have strongly suggested getting one before we go)

2) Farewells.

Last night we had our 4th farewell in 1 week (we broke our farewells into smaller sets of friend groups). Our farewells have been great, its awesome to spend time with close friends but in a way, even though its to say farewell, it can feel just like hanging out with friends. Surprisingly it hasn’t helped it all sink in.

3) Future Planning

While we’ve been saving hard for our immanent travels, we’ve also equally been preparing for our futures. Jenny & I have been contributing into KiwiSaver (a superannuation scheme here in New Zealand). We’re almost ready to use our KiwiSavers as a deposit on a house when we return, as such sometimes we can forget about our short term plans, instead finding ourselves day dreaming of one day owning a house.

4) The view

Looking out the window, its easy to get a feeling of pre-homesickness

Looking out the window, its easy to get a feeling of pre-homesickness

This is the view out of my parents window. Needless to say, Wellington is a gorgeous place! The view does lend itself to a certain pre-homesickness wouldn’t you say?

And finally

5) The Unknown

We totally don’t know what we’re walking into, there are a lot of unknowns: Where we’ll stay from night to night, how much life will cost, will we find jobs, will we see as much as we hope, will we feel fulfilled or stretched. In a way its difficult to yearn and prepare for something so intangible…

So thats it, not quite sure yet, but I’m sure I’ll be able to tell you more next week!

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