Singapore: Day 3

Three highlights from our third and final day in Singapore included

Adventure Cove Water Park, River Safari & Meomi Cat Café.

Adventure Cove Water Park

Located on Sentosa Island and owned by Resort World (who also owns Universal Studios Singapore) this is one sweet park whose website I feel sells itself short! Though a little pricey (about $35 NZD per person) this water park features extensive and detailed theming (particularly on its incredibly long lazy river ride), some fun and memorable slides – including a water coaster (a water slide that mimics a roller coaster by providing not only descents, but powered ascents as well) & snorkeling with tropical fish. Match that with the hot muggy weather & Adventure cove makes for one fun and refreshing day! However Beware! Adventure Cove effectively closes down when it rains, which it does pretty much every day in Singapore (often for much shorter times than say NZ) but still, miss-time the rain & your day at the water park can be cut short – we missed out the last section of the river ride before having to shoot off to our second destination; River Safari.

River Safari Pandas

River Safari

I had no idea what to expect when it came to River Safari; being the newest addition to the Singapore Zoo family & the smallest, my expectations were low. I was however actually pleasantly surprised; River Safari probably holds the greatest number of “wow, I didn’t even know that existed!” animals I’ve seen anywhere! Around each corner I found myself saying, flip that is one crazy looking animal * mindsplosion! * Additionally I finally got to see a Panda here (2 to be exact) AND we got to see Manatees, one of those majestic ‘gotta see it to believe it’ animals. River Safari gets two thumbs up from me.Meomi Cat Cafe

Meomi Cat Café

I was quite excited at Jenny’s suggestion of checking out a cat café, I find the idea quite novel. This café has 7 cats in a reasonably small café, so the cat to café ratio is pretty good. The café works on a per person entry charge of $13NZD which covers you for an hour and comes with a drink of juice; this can be upgraded to 1hr+coffee+cake for $19. The concept is taking off around the world, I’d be tempted to start one back in our hometown Wellington NZ if I wasn’t so afraid of the café flopping and being stuck with 7 cats of my own for life haha. Anyway the café was fun although most of the cats were pretty sleepy when we arrived & not all that keen to play…which does tend to make it more like a normal café rather than a cat café when this happens…this was the case for about 10mins until some more customers arrived with a kid and boy did things get so much funnier from there! (Every Cat Café should come with an inbuilt kid) The kid, totally disregarding the café guidelines starting picking up cats, prodding the sleeping ones, heavily stroking others & building beds of the rest, she must have brought out every cat toy in the café, it was brilliant to watch & we left satisfied.

Another day, another 3 bucket list items ticked off. Great success!

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