Singapore Airlines Stopover Holiday Package tips – specifically for NZ and AU visitors

Singapore Stopover Holiday

The Singapore Airlines Stopover Holiday Package is well worth knowing about if you’re passing through Singapore for a few days which we highly recommend. It allows you to enjoy the beautiful city of Singapore while also saving a heap of money! The official webpage for NZ/AU travellers can be found by clicking here. It’s not the easiest deal to get your head around however so I wanted to provide some extra info.

Important to know: You need to be traveling through Singapore exclusively with Singapore airlines and you need to book a (discounted) hotel through the deal to qualify (see here for a current list of hotel pricing in NZ$). So if you book with Singapore Airlines and then one of your flights changes to another carrier before you can book your SSH (e.g.  from Singapore Airlines to Air NZ like ours did) you need to look in to this ASAP as this will impact your eligibility (not cool Singapore Airlines).

It’s also worth noting that you don’t need to book through a travel agent as we did to take advantage of this deal and it includes airport transfers to and from the qualifying hotels. You can add it on to your Singapore flights through the Singapore Airlines login (during or after purchasing your flights) as per this demo. This will provide you with an electronic receipt that you need to show at the SSH Desk at the airport (Terminal 3) and again at your hotel. More info can be found in the Hotel and Transport Arrangements tab here.

Here’s also a full list of attractions that you get one-time access to as an NZ/AU visitor (with an itinerary originating in NZ or AU) within the duration of your pass (as of May 2015) which I have listed by level of coolness (first experienced and then perceived*):

Tips for a flying visit:
– To maximize the bang for your buck on your stopover we reccomend choosing a flight that arrives in the morning of day 1 and leaves in the evening of day 2 so that you can enjoy two full days of attractions and one heavily discounted night at a hotel.
– Other than your airport transfers and the SIA bus your transport is not covered in this deal. This isn’t a big deal for most attractions except for the Zoo (and nearby Night Safari and River Safari which aren’t covered by the SSH deal but are well worth checking out) which is a about a S$20 taxi ride from the city (S$25 from Sentosa) or a cheap but long bus ride. I did see signs around for a Sentosa shuttle for around S$6pp but this never seemed to be operating when we needed it.
A great update to also know about if you’ve already used this deal in the past: You no longer have to first travel to the Singapore Flyer to receive your vouchers for the attractions because they’ve been replaced with convenient cards instead (see above) which are issued at the SIA desk at Changi Airport where you go to organise your airport transfer upon arrival.
Please do comment if you have any questions/suggestions for additional info, otherwise for formal information I reccomend that you contact TradeWinds directly (who appear to manage the stopover packages) rather than Singapore Airlines.


  1. Sakinah · August 7, 2015

    Thanks for the info. Exactly what I was looking for as I was confused about the stopover package. I am spending 4 nights in Singapore. When are the vouchers valid to? I’m thinking to book the stopover holiday for 3 nights to save money. We are 2 adults 2 kids so because they charge per person it’s costly for us


    • Jenny Adams · August 12, 2015

      Hi there! I’m so glad you’ve found this article helpful 🙂 Yes, I think that idea is worth looking in to because as far as I am aware (and as far as I have experienced) the voucher is technically valid from the start of the day you’re due to check in until the end of the day you’re due to check out. Therefore 1 night’s hotel booking = 2 full days of attraction value, 2 nights = 3, 3 nights = 4, 4 nights = 5 etc.

      E.g. If you were in Singapore for two nights you could book a hotel through the SSH package for just the first night and get two full days of attraction value either side of this booking and then stay at cheaper accommodation the second night (which is when the hotel prices hike up through the SSH deal). This is what we did last time we were in Singapore in May 2015.

      In your specific case staying in Singapore 4 nights the best option will depend on a few factors:
      – When your flight arrives (and how jet lagged you’ll likely be) because if it’s halfway through the day/late at night or you’re very tired and just want to sleep that’s technically a whole day of value through the SSH package wasted
      – What attractions you’re interested in seeing through the SSH package and how long each is likely to take
      – Also the age of your children as this will probably impact the amount of time you have each day to spend at attractions

      Whatever your answers I’d highly reccomend drawing up a quick plan of the attractions you’d like to see each day following your arrival (and recovery if nessasary), how long each should take and how many days of attraction value you’d realistically need to fit it all in. That should give you a good idea of how many hotel nights you’ll need to book through the SSH deal for your 4 nights in Singapore and whether you could book cheaper accommodation instead at the start or end of your stay to save money but while still making full use of the deal. I hope that helps 🙂


      • Sakinah · August 19, 2015

        thanks for your reply. Your exactly right. the voucher is technically valid from the start of the day you’re due to check in until the end of the day you’re due to check out.
        calling Singapore airlines was hopeless for me. the call centre staff could not give me the info I wanted for the SSH deal. I ended calling tradewinds in Singapore who organise the SSH and they were so helpful.


      • Jenny Adams · August 25, 2015

        Yes you raise a good point; Tradewinds are definitely the right people to consult rather than Singapore Airlines as ultimately Tradewinds are the issuers of the packages. We also had an unideal experiance with Singapore Airlines on our most recent trip when they changed our stopover package-eligible flights to non-eligible flights before we could book our package. We ended up needing to book new eligible flights but these were only free to change because my uncle is a travel agent. Otherwise we would have had to pay to correct their change #SingaporeAirlinesFail


  2. Sakinah · September 5, 2015

    can i just ask you few questions about the stopover card you get. How do you gain entry to say universal studios? do you still have to line up at the ticket counter to get a ticket then go in or is there some faster process? Just want to know how the card is used as you have that experience.
    We hope to do
    Day 1 sentosa / gardens by the bay
    Day 2 singapore zoo
    Day 3 universal studios


    • Jenny Adams · September 5, 2015

      Sure 🙂 At the entrance of Universal Studios you just need to present your SSH card at the info counter (I.e. not at the usual ticket booths with the big lines) and there you will be given your vouchers (for park entrance and two others for a discount on food and merchandise if I remember correctly). P.s. the Transformers and Mummy rides were our favorites!

      That plan looks pretty good though you may also want to think about catching the gondola on to Sentosa which is cool and included in the package. The Night Safari located right next to the Zoo is also very cool to see if you still have enough energy after the zoo to make the most of your taxi fare out there but this is NOT included in the SSH package. On the plus side though the main feature of that park is a train that goes past the main exhibits so there’s not a whole lot of walking needed and it’s quite unique seeing animals at night when they’re generally more active. The walkthrough bat exhibit however is genuinely frightening! 😉


      • Sakinah · September 6, 2015

        thanks for the info! Yes we will take the cable car into sentosa. I have a 3 yr old and a 6 yr old so I might just do the zoo as I know they will be tired after that. might go rest in hotel then go see gardens of the bay in the evening.


      • Jenny Adams · September 6, 2015

        Sounds like a great plan. I hope you all have a lovely time 🙂


  3. Kai Igot · September 5, 2015

    Hi! :)I came across your blog as I was looking for articles related to SIA’s SSH package. I am traveling solo to Singapore this month but only on transit though. Probably staying for a night. My question, how do I get to these attractions if the transpo is not provided? Do I take the train or cab? Or do I hop on the SIA bus?


    • Jenny Adams · September 5, 2015

      Hi Kai, glad to help 🙂 your best transportation choice will depend purely on the attraction/s that you’re planning to see because some are on/near the free tourist bus route (e.g. the Singapore Flyer) but others like the Zoo are quite far out of the main city area and could justify a taxi if you don’t have the time for a cheaper but slower bus. We found taxi’s to be good for price and convenience but please remember to take cash as many don’t accept credit cards (especially Visa due to some sort of fees dispute). I’d recommend checking out the websites of the specific attractions you’re interested in before you arrive to get specific information on your transportation options to get there. I hope that helps 🙂


      • Kai Igot · September 6, 2015

        Hi! Thanks for the speedy response! I think I’ll stay within the city attractions, like the Singapore Flyer, Gardens By The Bay, etc… (though I really want to try the Cable Car at Sentosa) That being said, I can just hop in and out of the SIA bus throughout the day? and is that free?


      • Jenny Adams · September 6, 2015

        Yes you can hop on and off the SIA bus free of charge for the duration of your stopover package. A stop off I’d particularly recommend is at the Long Bar at the Raffles Hotel which is famous for its Singapore Sling cocktail and peanut shells traditionally thrown on the floor of the swanky British colonial-style bar


  4. Vanessa Kelly · February 7, 2016

    Thanks for your information. My friend and I are going on a cruise in 2017 from Singapore and return back to Singapore before flying back to NZ. We’d ideally like to have about 5 days in Singapore before the cruise and then perhaps 1 or 2 nights before we fly back to NZ. I can see from the Singapore Airlines info that they have basic and premium packages and add ons. Are you saying the Universal Studios comes with the Standard package? It seemed to me that from the Airline guff that you only got it by booking the premium package with the premium hotels? I wonder if this is a change for 2016/7

    I take it then that on our return journey from our cruise that we’d have to pay for another package for the return journey back to Singapore?

    Would you recommend emailing or phoning the Tour company in Singapore?

    Many thanks Vanessa


    • Jenny Adams · March 15, 2016

      Hi Vanessa,

      Thanks for the post and sorry for the unusual delay as I initially misunderstood what you were asking. In regard to the packages the “Basic package” is a scaled back version that just provides accomodation and transfers and nothing further (snore!). So you’d want to go for the full “Singapore Stopover Holiday Package” to get all the awesome attractions. However, unfortunately I don’t believe that you’d be eligible for the package if you’re not transiting exclusively with Singapore airlines into and out of Singapore due to the info listed in the Eligibility to book section . But I always think it’s worth double checking this type of thing with the provider directly in these types of situations so you may as well give it a go with TradeWinds (there’s a contact link at the end of the article) 😉


  5. Aks · May 26, 2016

    Thanks Jenny, Very informative and nicely compiled details.

    I’ve read that they will generally provide Visiting visa to those who have onward journey. Just curious and want to confirm, Will we get ‘Visa on arrival’ in Singapore if we have onward flight or do we need to apply it upfront. Thanks !


    • Dave Adams · May 26, 2016

      Hi there! I’m glad you liked the article. Visas are actually a totally different subject to this Singapore Stopover Holiday deal which is purely to do with your flight arrangements through Singapore, not any immigration-related matters which are totally seperate. But if you’re from NZ you may find this site helpful (as a starting point, not formal confirmation) which lists all visa requirements for NZ citizens worldwide;


  6. mike · June 15, 2016

    Hi there, really appreciated all of this information!

    The flights we are looking at in order to get this package would actually be around $200 more than Qantas flights. So we are wondering if the savings are that much. We can’t be sure if the hotels will be that much chepaer with the package or if with priceline for instance we might get a better deal. Would really appreciate your suggestion.


    • Jenny Adams · June 19, 2016

      Hi Mike,

      Great question though it sounds like you may have missed the link to the hotel pricing list in the article which you can also find here:

      Also I’m not sure if you meant a $200 flight price difference per person or in total but either way I think my answer should help! Basically it really comes down to what you’re interested in doing out of the package and what the usual standard value of those activities would be.

      If you prefer a chilled out visit and are only interested in going to see a few things like say the Gardens by the Bay conservatories (S$28pp) and the nearby Singapore Flyer ($33pp- like the London Eye but bigger!) then you’d likely be better off just doing your own thing if there are significantly cheaper flights available than with Singapore Airlines (though don’t forget to keep in mind airport transfers too). However, if you’re planning to do quite a few attractions in Singapore you can save a lot in both time, money and convenience with this pass.

      Here’s a more busy selection of activities you might like to cover in a full 2 day, 1 night stay just to give you a comparison (everything priced below would be covered by the pass);

      Transfer to/from Airport: S$25-S$45 each way (including S$5 airport surcharge) so S$50-S$90 return (I’ve used an average of S$70)
      Universal studios adult/child: S$74/S$54
      Zoo adult/child: S$29.70/S$19.80 (incl 10% online discount)
      Hop on hop off Tourist bus around major central attractions (converted from prices in pounds on website) Adult/child: 24 hours: S$38.45/S$28.80 or 48 hours: S$48.99/S$38.43
      Singapore Flyer: S$33ea
      2 Conservatories at Gardens by the Bay (outdoor gardens are free; S$28ea

      =S$476.3 total
      = S$238.15pp = NZ$250.06pp


  7. Prasanth · September 20, 2016

    Just wondering, if this SSH package is valid only on the dates of the transit. Say I am on transit both times at Singapore from NZ to India with return journey. If I purchase a SSH package on one of the transit way, will I be able to use it on the return as well


    • Jenny Adams · September 26, 2016

      Hi there, I believe that this would be treated as two seperate transit/stop-over visits so you’d need to organise a SSH package for each visit (if you wish to use it both times). I don’t think this should be a problem to organise (which you should be able to confirm by contacting TradeWinds directly here- ) but do please let me know if you find otherwise! p.s. Enjoy India!!


  8. Cion Salibay · November 24, 2016

    Hello, I am happy to read your post about Singapore Stopover Holiday. We already booked our flight via Singapore Airlines and will have a 3 day stop over. I did not consider doing the package because we are planning to stay with my aunt, but then looking at the free entrance to attractions, I am attracted to book the package for one night only to avail the package and stay with my aunt for the succeeding 2 nights. Is it possible to do like that or do we need to book the whole trip. I also tried to add it on my booking via Manage booking, but not yet successful. Thank you and looking forward to your reply.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jenny Adams · November 24, 2016

      Hi Cion, that’s a great question and what sounds like a great idea if it works! While I look in to that out for you could you let me know what happened when you tried to add the package to your booking via Manage booking? Did it give you a message why it wasn’t possible? Thanks. Jenny


      • Jenny Adams · November 24, 2016

        Hi again, that was quicker that I thought it might be. I don’t see anything on the SSH Terms and Conditions page that would prevent you from doing what you’ve described but that’s based on a few assumptions like where you’re travelling from, your flight number etc so I’d recommend carefully reading this page to make sure you don’t spot anything there that would impact your eligibility. If you don’t spot anything and you still don’t have any luck adding this package online through the Manage your booking system I’d suggest contacting TradeWinds directly here for future help (plenty of time before your trip!):

        >> Please let me know how you get on with this so that I can keep this article up to date for other travellers 🙂


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