Paris (Walt Disney Studios Paris)

Top 3 High and Lowlights of Walt Disney Studios

Having been away from a Disney park for 13 years my wife and I decided to ignore Robert’s (from theme park insider) advice (sorry Robert) a make a day out of visiting Walt Disney Studios Paris. We were glad we did, with a better E-Ticket line up than its sister park Disneyland Park Paris we had a great day!


Below I have compiled my own list of Top 3 High and Lowlights when visiting Walt Disney Studios Paris (with fresh Disney Eyes).

Let’s start with the highlights!

  • CineMagique

This one came as a complete surprise to me and is unique to Walt Disney Studios Paris! This celebration of Cinema Magic brings movies to life, elegantly blending together movies and reality with just about as much humour and heartfelt that you can handle. Prepare for a wild ride, this 25 min show references a full 60 films with precision!

  • The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

An unbeatable classic! The ride is exceptional and the French cast members pull it off excellently making it all the more memorable! We ended up riding it 3 times back to back we loved it so much!

  • Ratatouille: L’Aventure Totalement Toquee de Remi

I was really excited ride the new motion-based 3D trackless darkride, it didn’t disappoint, its very clever and enjoyable! The ride elegantly blends set and screen to the point where they are almost indistinguishable from each other, its high paced and fun for the whole family!



  • Eating Options

For travellers on a budget like my wife and I the options were very minimal. The park offers 3 budget restaurants but on the day we visited (in the peak of summer) one was closed for the day and a second closed early, leaving us with just 1 option. We weren’t to keen to revisit the 1 budget restaurant. We thought we might go check out Bistrot Chez Remy but again with budgets in mind we couldn’t afford one of the set menus on offer but did notice an à la carte dessert menu that we could afford and so made a booking. Unfortunately this was probably the most sour experience we had in all of the whole trip as we were rudely informed that we’d misunderstood their use of “à la carte” as you could only order these in addition to their set menus. Perhaps this is normal for Disney restaurants but it certainly wasn’t obvious to us, embarrassed we left the restaurant and instead decided to eat later at the Disney villiage (this was our only negative encounter with the Parisian Disney Staff)

  • Vanilla Themeing

I know its meant to be backlot/movie production themed but I just felt the general park theming was a little vanilla for Disney, the different lands being a little indistinguishable and little rashly assembled. Certainly not the immersive wonderland that many Disney fans have come to love.

  • Crush Coaster Wait Times

While the Crush Coaster (again unique to Walt Disney studios) is a pretty fun dark ride the wait times were pretty tough, seldom dropping below an hour the whole day with no fast pass available. It’s a ride aimed at kids with a line that exceeds any kids attention span (even patient adults will struggle). The only other option was single rider, which only shaved off 10mins off the group ride line.

While the park is smaller, we quite happily made a day of it and enjoyed ourselves immensely. After a 13hour marathon effort at Disneyland Park the day before we were quite happy to have a shorter second day. Its small, but packs a punch, don’t discount it!



  1. Just My Look · August 4, 2015

    I love the Studios park, really enjoyed Crush’s Coaster, dying to try the Ratatouille ride. I think more definitely needs to be added to the park though!


    • Dave Adams · August 4, 2015

      Totally! I think it’d be just right if they scrapped the tram and added 1extra land, perhaps something from the proposed new Shanghai Disney? Or the proposed new avatar or star wars lands?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Just My Look · August 4, 2015

        definitely, star wars land would be great and be sure to draw in some crowds!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Jamie · August 5, 2015

    Hi ! Great post! I’m want to check out Disneyland Paris in September, and I can’t wait! Your post help out!


    • Dave Adams · August 5, 2015

      Thanks Jamie! Glad to be of assistance! We’ve also got a post for Asterix Park in Paris coming out tomorrow, also worth a look!

      Liked by 1 person

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