4 Affordable Fun Things to do in Warsaw

Multimedia Fountain Park.

For fans of Disney California Adventure’s World of Color, a nighttime fountain show dazzling with lights, lasers, music and film, Warsaw has its very own free version called Multimedia Fountain Park. Erected in 2011 the park has since created a summertime weekend extravaganza for the whole family. The show is quality and a pleasure to watch, the music covers a lot of genres from classical, 90s and even modern day classics. The graphics are also reasonably impressive; make sure you wait for the laser dragon!


The ‘Water – Light – Sound’ multimedia shows take place each Friday and Saturday from May till September at 9.30 pm (May and October – 9 pm). On other weekdays, the shows do not include lasers and sound.


Milk Bars

First rising to prominence in the financial depression of the 30s and then again in the 60s/80s of communist Poland; Milk Bars filled a gap in the market by providing affordable cafeteria type meals to poorer workers. This is a no-frills consisted of mainly vegetarian and dairy heavy meals to provide sustenance.


Though many have since closed, there are still a remnants of them in Warsaw which will serve you an ample affordable meal with a side of culture. Jenny and I had the pleasure of visiting the Zlote Kurka Bar, two stops south of centrum station by tram. The Milk Bar had a definite communist feel, with 3 windows, 1 to order, one to collect dishes and one to return dishes (like a drive through by foot). The casher and cooks spoke no English which also made for quite an experience and an opportunity to practice by body language and gestures. In the end, Jenny & I both ordered 3 course meals with a whopping total of $9NZD for all 6 dishes! They were hearty dishes but it was the experience and cost that we came away beaming about!


Antique Shops/Window Shopping

New Zealand is pretty isolated, which is in many ways a blessing, but one thing I realized as we window shopped our way through a local Warsaw antique shore was that Antique shops here are legit! Particularly the military sections which had more WWII memorabilia than many museums that we’ve visited and best of all are free to visit. One particular Antique shop that we visited even had a cabinet of hand grenades; pins still in. We were so taken a back to see this, I love to be surprised in our travels, it leads to learning.

IMG_8610 IMG_8613

If WWII memorabilia are not really your thing though don’t worry, another great place to Window shop in Warsaw is the fabulous Złote Tarasy shopping centre. The centre features some of the most impressive modern mall architecture you’ll ever see and contains an overabundance of great shops to take your fancy! Located centrally by the main train/tram hubs and the iconic Palace of Culture and Science (which we’ll talk about in a future post) its also very easy to get to!


If you’re anything like me, you relish an evening out at the movies but despise the cost! Which considering the cost/benefit (hours) is rather pricey – especially 3D! Back home in NZ for a movie in 3D we’d be looking at tickets for a minimum of around $18.5NZD/pp which was why we were so ecstatic to find the price of going to the brand new Marvel ANT MAN film in 3D (and English!) only cost us around $9NZD/pp at Arkadia mall Warsaw, half the price of back home. This allowed us to kill two birds with one stone 1) Feel normal again – full time travel does this to you 2) load up at the candy bar, so good!


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