Top Cheap Eats in Central Edinburgh

Visiting Edinburgh during its festival can be pretty expensive venture, hostel and hotel rates are up, shows galore and by this time a food bill seems to be the least of your wanted concerns.

To help you maximize your pennies and still eat a decent meal, I’ve composed a quick list of central locations to get a cheep and cheerful tasty treat!

  • Ting Thai Caravan

Modern Asian fusion, I had some killer chilli chicken at only 6.5pounds. Everything on the menu looked desirable and the line out the door suggests that I’m not the only one who thinks so! Just a 5 min walk from the Royal mile by the University campus. Cash only.


  • Auld Jock’s Pie Shoppe

Pies for only 2.5pounds. The Angus steak pie here is literally the best pie I’ve ever eaten. There are also options for Haggis pie if you need to tick that off your bucket list. For an extra 2.5pounds you can also have your pie served with mashed potato and gravy (but I suggest just getting a second pie!) Located at the bottom of Victoria Street by the Grass Market. 50p surcharge for credit card.


  • Oink

Fresh pit roast pig every day, served with apple sauce, crackling and your choice of either haggis or stuffing spread. At only 3.5pounds for a small of 4.5pounds for a large, this makes for a deliciously filling treat. (Located on Victoria Street) Cash only.


  • The Elephant Room

The Elephant room has become famous for being the location JK Rowling wrote large chucks of books 2 & 3 (“the Birthplace of Harry Potter”). Despite this, the meals have remained reasonable prices and the bathroom is something to be experienced (google it).


  • Sainsbury/Tesco

This may seem like a silly option, but it’s a long term travellers staple diet. Those 1.10 Cheese and pickle or egg and chives sandwiches make for a guilt free filling meal that’ll allow you to funnel your hard earned $$ into more shows and experiences! (found practically everywhere).

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